Milk Thistle Tea for Diabetes

Milk thistle is a Mediterranean plant that is characteristic for its thorny appearance and brightly colored purple and pink flowers. Typically used as an herbal remedy for liver related problems, milk thistle tea also has great potential in helping the body fight off many other ailments as well. Recent studies done on the effects of milk thistle tea have shown that this herbal remedy also has an excellent ability to help those that suffer from diabetes as well.

Types of Diabetes

The type of treatment needed is dependant on the type of diabetes that the person is affected with. There are three types of diabetes that a person can be affected with. The first type of this disease is known as type 1 diabetes. This form of diabetes is most common in children, teens, and young adults. People suffer from this type of diabetes when their body either makes too little insulin or doesn’t make insulin at all. During the process of this disease the body’s immune system makes the mistake of seeing insulin as a threat and begins to destroy insulin producing cells. As a result of this, a daily injection of insulin is usually required to make sure that all the glucose is converted properly energy.

The second type of diabetes is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and is known to affect at least 90% of those that suffer diabetes. Like type 1 diabetes, the cause for this type of diabetes lies in the lack of insulin or the body’s resistance to insulin. However in the case of type 2 it often more typical for it to set in after the age of 40. It is also common for people to have this type of diabetes for many years without even realizing it. Sometimes this type can be a result of poor diet though it also depends heavily on genetics and family history of diabetes.

The final type of diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. Like its name suggests, gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. In most cases this type will withdraw after childbirth; however there are some cases of gestational diabetes that can later develop into type 2 diabetes.

Using Milk Thistle Tea for Diabetes

There are many who promote milk thistle tea for diabetes because it holds a high content of antioxidants which can help discourage the bad effects of diabetes in the body. This is because a lot of the symptoms related to diabetes can be a result of bad oxidization in the body. Milk thistle also has the ability to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body which is equally beneficial for those that suffer from diabetes. Additional research has shown that silibinin, a type of antioxidant found in milk thistle tea, may also have the ability to decrease the body’s resistance to insulin. This can help decrease the buildup of glucose in the body which in turn can decrease many of the negative side effects that people experience as an effect of any type of diabetes.