Milk Thistle Tea for Cancer

The milk thistle plant is characteristic for its thorny appearance and bright purple and pink flowers.  It is often gathered an account of its many beneficial uses. Studies have shown that drinking milk thistle in tea can aid as a liver tonic as well as help in lowering high cholesterol. This is due to the fact that milk thistle tea is high health promoting antioxidants and flavonoids. More recent studies have shown these flavonoids and antioxidants found in milk thistle may even be a good medicinal herb to use in fighting certain cancers as well.

Overview of Cancer

Cancer occurs when a detrimental and unrestrained amount of irregular cells grow in the body. There are a wide range of different types of cancers, and they can begin to grow just about anywhere in the body. There are many known causes of cancer such as certain chemicals, alcohol, genetic history, and radiation. However, there are also many causes of cancer that are still unknown as well. Currently, the most common cancer to cause death is lung cancer which is typically brought on by smoking. Those that are diagnosed with cancer may receive different treatments depending on the type of cancer that they suffer and how far it’s progressed.

Recent Studies

Research on cancer has been able to shed some light on a few things that can be done in order to reduce the chances of getting cancerous growths. Some preventative measures that can be taken are: eating a balanced diet, partaking in regular exercise, as well as limiting your exposure to certain chemicals and toxins including smoking and alcohol. There are also many herbs and natural remedies that can help prevent cancer as well as help those that already suffer from cancer by helping eradicate cancer cells in the body.

There are many who claim that milk thistle tea is an excellent choice for such a thing because the high antioxidant properties in milk thistle have shown great promise in its ability to reduce the growth and division of certain cancers. Even more recent studies have shown that a certain ingredient in milk thistle known as silymarin is the grounds for this herbs ability to have anti-cancer effects on the body which cut down the duration that cancer cells remain in the body. Another reason behind the abilities of milk thistle may be a result of its capacity to tone and build up the strength of the liver. A healthy functioning liver can help rid the body of harmful chemicals and toxins which allow the body to fight off malignant and abnormal cells more successfully as well.

Using Milk Thistle for Cancer

If you are looking to use milk thistle tea with the intention to prevent cancer or heal cancer that may have started, it is typically advised to drink between one or two cups of milk thistle tea daily, along with a well-balanced meal. Milk thistle is a good preventative herbal remedy and may be used in addition to current treatments in some cases. If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer it is best to receive advice from a physician prior to adding milk thistle tea to your diet. As always, do not partake in drinking milk thistle tea if you are on medications or if you are pregnant without first consulting your doctor.